E Commerce Website Development by Laravel


Client Requirements

Client had a women dress selling business and he wanted to grow his business further online. He contacted with me and asked me provide possible solution. I recommend him to launch an E Commerce website which will help his business to grow on online and his business will reach globally. We discuss together and he suggest me what he actually want and provide me all the requirements.

My Contribution

After gathering all the requirements I started my work and at first I design the website front end and I download a backend template. Then I design and develop the database system. After completion of frontend design and database development I started development the system by laravel. I used laravel for fast and reliable development. During development we communicate everytime for the project.

Overview of Project Success

After successfuly development of the system I deploy it to client server. Client was happy with the system. The website was successfuly met his requirements and fulfill his current business problems. Now he getting more customers from online and his business developing a lot.