E-Commerce Business Soluttion


Client Requirements

Client had a local business and wanted to run an E-commerce business where he can sell his product further online and spread his business. I took the responsibility and made plan with my client. We discuss about the project, current problems, possible solutions and make list of requirements that his business required.

My Contribution

After finalise all the requirements and deals I started to design the front-end user interface. As customers will arrive in the website for buy products, so design must need to be user friendly as they are the heart of the business. I make the design responsive, compatible for all devices and made easy user interface that increase the satisfactory of user experience.

After complete the front-end design I started to develop the system. Mainly I have used PHP for backend development. I make the all the system dynamic. I develop all the features that the client wanted to manage the system. Such as, payment integration, order list, monthly report and lot more.

Overview of Project Success

After successfuly development of the system I deploy it to client server and give him instruction for how to use the system. He was happy with the system. After deploy the system his business run far more better and sell % increase more than before.